The Chirps of Other Wordbirds

by Madeleine Rex

This is week three of The Chirps of Other Wordbirds! If you’d like to see the older posts, because greatness in the blogosphere is always great, click here and here.

I’ve been hording posts all week. It’s so wonderful to shine the spotlight on blogs that are changing my writing and/or reading experience! If you have any post recommendations from this week or any other, leave a link in a comment!

The Post: Elana Johnson wrote a wonderful post on character motivation. It’s short and sweet, and I definitely recommend reading it.

The Quote:

When you lie awake at night, what’s missing?

The Post: Eric over at Pimp My Novel speaks about trends in general, but more specifically, The [Your Name Here]’s Daughter trend. He makes many great points because, really, aren’t you sick of this?

The Quote:

· Vampires/Werewolves. Archetype: Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. No, really. Authors who have already established themselves as brands with this subject, like Meyer or Charlaine Harris, can pretty much continue to write vampire novels until the turn of the century. You, who are just starting out, do not have this luxury. Vampires and werewolves will always be cool, but they won’t be as cool as they are now for a long time. Putting werewolves in space or making vampires fallen angels will not increase their coolness. Trust me.

The Post: Over at, Suzette Saxton talks about what to do when you’re weary. This writing thing can hit you hard and leave you wheezing. How do you get your courage and strength back? I, for one, just work at it. Occasionally, however, I take a day off, skip those 2,000 words, and hunker down for a day of homework and nothing else. Sounds nice, actually…

The Quote:

Every writer has them, those difficult times when we just can’t send out another query, just can’t take another rejection. I’ve heard this referred to as “on the ledge,” meaning one step away from jumping off the writing cliff forever. This post is to offer a place of solace – and a list of places to go when seeking surcease from the writing demons that plague us all.

The Post: Speaking of when you’re weary, Rachelle Gardner published an inspirational and cheering post entitled You Have to Believe (don’t you feel happier already)? We so often get the blunt, hard truths of the publishing industry, but what about the blunt, soft and pleasant truths?

The Quote:

Be grateful that you’ve been given the passion and ability to write.

Be overwhelmed with thankfulness that millions of people love to read, and you love to write.

The Post: First of all, how can you resist a post called Writing a Spiderweb? Cristin Terrill’s post on the necessary absences in writing, the holes you must leave for the reader to fill in, is extremely helpful and incredibly truthful. Every writer should read this. As writers, we want to give characters every moment in the spotlight possible, but sometimes, it’s the reader’s job to be imaginative.

The Quote:

As a writer, I’m not an auteur, dictating an experience.  What I really am is a collaborator with my reader, which means I have to leave them some blank spaces to do their share of the work.  I thought I was helping by including every little thing I knew about my characters and how they related to each other, but really I was overloading my readers and depriving them of the part of the process that is and should be theirs.

The above posts are fabulous. I learned so much from all of them. They reminded me why I have 12 blog-related emails to read every morning when I wake up.

I know that I said I’d post about chemistry today, but I suppose that post is coming Monday because I’ve got Wannabe Writers and a book review on docket. I wish you sunshine (or at least more sunshine than we have here) and a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I LOVE the last post. This was an inspiring collection!!

  2. You always have the best selections! and the best teasers that make me follow the links 😛 I love reading about the novel-trends, I'm always the last one to pick up on them, haha. Just visited Cristin's post, and i think the whole thing is so true.

    thanks for the great post!

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