I'm Fifteen!

by Madeleine Rex

Today’s my birthday! Madeleine Rex is officially fifteen years old. I’m both excited and nervous. The past year has been ridiculously productive, so I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot (often thanks to you guys!), but I’m also worried this next year will be a huge let-down and I won’t make nearly as much progress toward published-author-dom. We shall see!

As I have nothing to blog about today and this poem made me smile like mad, I’m posting the poem my aunt wrote in her birthday card to me:

A tribute may I offer

to Madeleine, the child author:

She writes no rubbish,

and they’re gonna publish

her work till they fill up her coffer.

I’m hoping so, Susan!

8 Commentsto “I'm Fifteen!”

  1. Happy Birthday! I believe in you, and I love the poem!



  4. happy birthday dearie! so young… so accomplished. hehe here's to another fantabulous year 🙂

    hope you have a great one!!!

  5. WOW! I thought you were in college! We are about the same age i'm 14. Hahaha! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Best wishes today and always!



  7. Here's hoping 15 is a fabulous year!

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope fifteen is sweet. 🙂

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