My Bookshelves Have A Big Appetite

by Madeleine Rex

Left: All Harry Potter, Middle: ARCs that have not been released, Right: Children's (top), YA (middle), and Nancy Drew (bottom).

Mind you, these are pictures of them a few weeks ago. I now have books stacking horizontally on top of those pictured.

My bookshelves have a big, big appetite.

Non-fiction (top) and Fiction (bottom two).

In fact, I ran out of shelf space a long while ago. I had books in stacks all over my floor. My dad installed five new ones (the five to the left of of the Harry Potter shelves). My cousin and I spent at least five hours sorting books by genre (Children’s, YA, ARC, Nancy Drew, Fiction, and Non-fiction) and then by the last name of the author. We filled my five new shelves entirely.

And, as I said, this was a few weeks ago, so I’m already overflowing a bit. While I’m in a glorious predicament, it’s a predicament all the same. It seems my books will now have to be stacked elsewhere in the house.

I have another shelf above my desk that isn’t entirely full, but it’s dedicated to antique books. I don’t want to jam Twilight into the mix.

One huge advantage to a large home “library” is that my family and friends need not go to an actual library. Madeleine’s room will do, and there’s better service.

Do your bookshelves have a large appetite as well? I’d love to see pictures!

P.S. Sorry for the crappy pictures, by the way.

6 Commentsto “My Bookshelves Have A Big Appetite”

  1. I can relate. I should post photos of my bookshelves on my blog sometime. What makes it worse with mine is that I only have one wall of my living room suitable for shelves because the other ones have baseboard heaters along them and I can't have shelves. (sigh)

    As my collection grows, more and more books get stacked horizontally (all my paperbacks are stacked thusly, to make more room), and soon I shall have double stacks again, if my rate of book acquisition keeps up. 🙂

    But there's nothing better to decorate a room than books!

    • True words, those! 😉 I tell people that I have the coolest wallpaper ever.

      Free copies of books is a blogging perk, but it's like being a food critic – you stuff yourself and gain a lot of weight. At least this is weight we wouldn't really want to lose!


  2. loove the pics!! i always love to see whats on other peoples shelves 🙂 those models are so pretty and i had no idea you were such a nancy drew fan!! haha
    im pretty jealosu of your collection, i should post mine sometime… its significantly smaller :p

    • I’m lucky enough to have gotten a lot of free books in the past year. I wouldn’t have nearly as many if I hadn’t. (Thanks to PNBA!)

      I’d love to see your shelves! Definitely post them sometime. 😀


  3. NANCY DREWS!!! WE SHOULD SHARE ND PICTURES!!! Your collection is adorable.

    And…ARE THOSE LEGOS!?!?!? I <3 Legos. My husband even gave me some for Christmas this year.

    • They ARE legos! More importantly, they are Harry Potter legos. 😀 I collected mine over a few Christmases and an out-of-this-world birthday party when I was 12! I love them. They fit very well into my three-shelf Harry Potter display. ;D

      And I'd love to see your pictures! I still need to collect the rest of the NDs, but I first need to read past 35. 🙂


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