by Madeleine Rex

Welcome to Wordbird! This blog will contain myriad things all centered around one topic. This topic is one that means the world to me, one that sends shivers scuttling down my spine, one that causes such excitement in me that I find myself smiling ridiculously, and, occasionally, crying when it’s mentioned in a particular light…

Writing with the words I love. Writing because I hardly enjoy anything more.

4 Commentsto “Hello!”

  1. i love it! and the name is perfect!

    can't wait for more!

  2. It's cool and I think the name is just right also

  3. Very nice indeed! This is perfect for you! As dalene says: Can't wait for more!

  4. Powerful stuff these words of ours. leave them in competent fingers and I wish you good fortune in your new/old endeavor.

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