5 Reasons Book Boyfriends Are Superior to Real Ones

by Madeleine Rex

Not that I’m in the business of, well, having boyfriends, but this post topic is irresistible! All the credit for this goes to Larissa, Missie, and Audrey.

Ask any female book blogger to name 10 dreamy and devastatingly fictional guys, and she’ll give you thirty names and one hundred and fifty reasons why those thirty boys are incredible.

I suppose it’s our lot in life to chase after relationships fraught with unrequited love. We don’t like to face the searingly saddening reality that these boys are, in fact, words. Why are we so hopelessly in love with fictional boys?

I’ll tell you why!

1. They have a way with words. Literally. I think there’s truly something about the fact that they are words that is appealing to me. After all, what’s more attractive than serifs?

2. If they’re irritating, cheat, or prove to be far lowlier beings than you originally thought, you can dump them [relatively] painlessly and swiftly with a slam of book covers.

3. When they’re fictional, far more of them is captured. Simple movements, tones, and occasionally (and best of all) thoughts that you might miss in a physical, true setting are included and build the character into someone easier to understand and love. It’s always the miniature “somethings” that woo me, and those beautiful snippets of character are portrayed magnificently in books.

4. They’re older. This reason applies to the likes of me – younger girls. When all we have to crush on are 12/13/14/15-year-old boys, crushing becomes less of a pleasure and more of a chore. We’re still putting up with chortles over farts and burps. Heck, half the boys I know will still drown in giggles (yes, giggles) at the word “boob.” A majority of the boys in books are older and more mature – and they’re even better if they don’t mention boobs at all.

5. The most significant and noteworthy reason of all? GILBERT BLYTHE. Need I say more?

Happy Wednesday!

Why don’t all blog posts begin and end with Gilbert Blythe?

7 Commentsto “5 Reasons Book Boyfriends Are Superior to Real Ones”

  1. I love Gilbert! Oh my god you are so right!

  2. #4 is so true! Guys in my high school are so immature. 🙁 Your reasons are fantabulous, all of them. And so is Gilbert Blythe 😛 (HEY! The series is Canadian! *pats chest proudly*)
    Can I say my favourite guy character right now? Yes? Okay – Slang, from "The McGillicuddy Book of Personal Records". He's so sweet, and how he saves the day at the end, with all his muscular strength… *sigh*

    • I haven't read that! I'll have to add it to my to-read list. 🙂 I'm going up to Prince Edward Island in a few years on an AoGG vacation!

      • OMG if you do, see if you can drop by Ottawa for a short while. (Hey, it's the national capital — I'm sure you can make up a good reason to come. Like, we have a fabulous Parliament, plus the Rideau Canal – longest man-made skating rink in the world! :D) Then we can hang out! And I can meet your lovely self in personage! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        (…That is, if you want to meet. I know meeting someone from the Internet is kind of weird. Sorry. I'll be quiet now.)

  3. Awesome! yes to all, though i do think i am kind of lacking in my gilbert blythe department, i'm like 1 for 12 on that series! 🙁 and 17 year old boys are only marginally better, i think xD I especially love #1 and #3 on your list 🙂

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