Interview with Miranda and a Giveaway! – The Release Day of CATCHING JORDAN!

by Madeleine Rex

(The book cover is linked to the amazon page, but guess what? They’ve only got three in stock! That should tell you how enjoyable this book is. Go ahead and order anyway because they have more coming.)

And without further ado, Miranda has been kind enough to answer a handful of interview questions…

ME: From paragraph one, football is an important part of the book. Did you grow up involved in football (even as, goodness forbid, a cheerleader?) or were you searching “blitz” on Google when you decided to write the book?

MIRANDA: Growing up, I played some football on the playground with the boys, and in junior high and high school, I loved going to games.

ME: Did you finish any books before writing Catching Jordan? If so, were they genres beside Young Adult, or have you always known YA was the world for you?

MIRANDA: I finished one book called OUT OF A BLUE MOON. It’s a tween-YA, and it’s about a 15-year-old guy who grew up on the moon. I love the book and would love to do something with it one day but it needs a total rewrite. YA is definitely the world for me!

ME: Now that your first book has debuted and you have another two on the way (plus an anthology!), you’re career as an author has officially begun. You can cross this dream off your list, so what’s next? The NYT bestsellers list?

MIRANDA: I would love a TV series or a movie!

ME: Where do you see Jordan in ten years? Is she playing professional football and kickin’ butt, or kickin’ butt in some other way?

MIRANDA: At 27, I see Jordan being a football coach for a high school or middle school, or working for a college or NFL team in some capacity. She’s definitely still kicking butt. I’d say she’s married. *winks*

ME: Jordan’s relationship with her father is tense (to say the least). Was their relationship difficult to craft? Did you pull from personal experience, or other peoples’ experiences that you’d heard or read about?

MIRANDA: No – I made it all up, and yes, it was difficult to craft. It was the story line I had to edit and edit and edit and edit… It took a long time. I just tried to put myself in her dad’s shoes and then in her shoes and went from there.

ME: What was the most difficult step of the novel-writing or publishing process? Those dreaded copy-edits, or something that happened much earlier?

MIRANDA: Every step of the way is difficult, but I’d say the toughest part is the waiting. Waiting to hear if you have an agent, waiting to hear about submissions, waiting to hear from publishers, waiting to hear what bookstores are carrying your books. It never ends. But you grow a tough skin and deal with it. If you want to write badly enough, learning how to wait is key.

Thanks so much to Miranda! She’s really a splendid person, folks. Don’t pass up the opportunity to check out her website, twitter, goodreads, and facebook. Go to her website for some more links!

The Giveaway!

In honor of the release, I’m giving away three prizes!

1. A signed and personalized finished copy of Catching Jordan, 2 bookmarks, and two Catching Jordan Young Adult Romance Trading Cards

2. A football signed by the author and 2 Catching Jordan bookmarks

3. 5 Catching Jordan bookmarks and 3 Catching Jordan Young Adult Romance Trading Cards

To enter: Post a tweet about Catching Jordan and include @MadeleineRex and/or post a comment below and let me know what your favorite football team is. The giveaway ends December 10th.

You can also receive an extra entry by asking Henry, Jordan’s best friend, a question by December 5th. To do so, click here.

Happy Catching Jordan Day! And congratulations, once again, to our dear Miranda!


8 Commentsto “Interview with Miranda and a Giveaway! – The Release Day of CATCHING JORDAN!”

  1. My favorite (college) football team is the Michigan State Spartans. I don't watch a ton of NFL, but if I had to pick a pro team, I'd go with the Indianapolis Colts (even though they're having a terrible season).

    Thanks for sharing the interview and the opportunity to win!

  2. LOVE this book!!! I got it early on my Kindle so I read it a couple weeks ago. How ironic that the post above me is picking MSU when I'm picking University of MICHIGAN! Pro-team is, the LIONS. Been a fan my whole life. I feel for you, Penelope, as a Lions fan I know what it feels like. When they get Peyton back the Colts will shine again

  3. Great interview! I've been hearing so much good stuff about this book… I've got to get my hands on it!!

    My favorite football team growing up in California was the 49ers (back when they were AWESOME!). Now, I follow the BYU Cougars! 🙂

    – Alyssa of Redhead Heroines
    redheadheroines (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. A female football coach? That would be cool!

    I'm a Packers fan, to the dismay of my Cowboys family. 🙂

  5. Oh dear, I'm so not much of a football fan… I guess I'd have to choose the Florida Gators since that's what my family grew up loving. Yet, though I may know nothing of football, I can't WAIT to read this book!!

  6. I'm not really a huge football fan but the team into supportingwould be the Atlanta Falcons, I really wanna read this book!!!!!!

  7. I am always wanting a great new book to read and sounds like a great one! Plus if you are recommending it, it must be good because pretty much any book I read is from you! ha I am not a fan of Pro football. I love college football…byu or utah for sure. If I had to pick pro I would say the 49ers.

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