Getting to Know: Allison

by Madeleine Rex

Alright, I cannot take credit for this totally awesome idea, so I’m handing it over to Erin at Bookish in a Box (which is one of the greatest blogs ever. Erin has a strong voice that seeps through every word she types and is really likable in general). The point of this post, in my case, is to get to know my characters through the simplest things. I want to be able to list off the oddest facts, and I want the character to come through clearly. That’s when I’ll know that I’ve created someone real. For example: The fact that I have roughly eleven books on my bedside table and another couple hundred on shelves above my head that had to be propped up to avoid their crashing down and killing me says a lot about my character and life.

I’m going to copy the questions from Erin’s posts, which you can see here and here.

  • How old are you? 15
  • If the house burned down, what one thing would you want to take with you? In order based on priority: My family (though I hope they’d have the wits to make it out on their own), my iPod, the sixteen+ water bottles I keep under my bed, or my baseball cap.
  • Describe your hands. They’re tan, olive-toned, and smooth.
  • Describe your nightstand, dresser, or bathroom counter. What’s on top of it? In it? There’s a book in my dresser that I’m trying to pretend isn’t there, so no more on that one. There are four BGSU baseball caps on my dresser, and an alarm clock, iPod, and three sets of iPod headphones on my nightstand.
  • What is your favorite food? Lemonade. No, really.
  • Describe your economic/political status. I would typically go along with whatever my mom says when it comes to politics, but she can’t decide for herself. In the last election, she had bumper-stickers for each candidate. My financials aren’t spectacular. 7.25 an hour at DQ isn’t ideal, but it’s going to pay for college. Or part of it.
  • Where do you have a scar or birthmark? Describe circumstances surrounding your scars. I don’t have any scars or birthmarks.
  • What is the last book you read? What did you think of it? No comment.
  • Do you have an embarrassing habit? Drinking so much that you’d think I was a sponge. It wouldn’t be embarrassing if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom every hour.
  • Give one vivid memory of a parent or parental figure. Carey watching me as I ran around Ridge Elementary’s gym. He smiled for a second.
  • What is a dream (in sleep) you often have? My friend’s head cradled in the cut-out half circle of a guillotine. My other friend sending the blade down. Cheering. Blood-spattered smiles. High-fives.
  • Do you have a lifelong dream or aspiration? To run a marathon.
  • How do you go to sleep, and how do you wake up? (i.e. position in bed, etc.) Nowadays, I tend to fall asleep in my clothes in whatever position I was in when I flopped onto my bed. I wake up tangled in blankets, my jeans stuck to the fabric.
  • What is the last thing you wrote? “Mom.”
  • What grosses you out?  Cigarette smoke.
  • Who is the person you like the least? Why? Sean Lanly. It’s complicated (and I know that sounds stupid and meaningless, but it’s still the truth).
  • Tell me about the last time you cried. I’d rather not. I’ve cried so often that it could have been five minutes ago. I can’t remember.
  • What is something you feel guilty about? Running out of the house when I should have stayed. Not talking to my mom when she talked to me. Giving advice before thinking it through. Not getting to know the people I thought I knew. Not saying “I love you.” Screaming. Crying.
  • Describe what you do when you look in a mirror. Wonder how so much could have changed, and yet I don’t look any different.
  • Describe yourself sitting in your favorite spot. I’m sitting cross-legged by my dad’s shed and tapping my hand on a mound of dirt.
  • Tell me about a very treasured item. PARADISE LOST by John Milton. June loves it so much and has gone through at least four copies. – Hey, you didn’t say it had to be a treasured item of mine. I don’t want to go there.
  • Do you have a nervous tic or habit? Freezing in place like an idiot. Or running away, which is worse.
  • Tell me about your siblings…if you have them. My little, brother, Andy. He’s four. And wonderful.
  • What is your favorite sound? The voice of someone I used to know.
  • What is your favorite smell? June. The smell of her comforts me.

Whoa. That’s so much fun. I seriously recommend trying this out, if you’re a writer. You know what else you should try out? Wannabe Writers. Technically, I should have posted a post for that meme yesterday, but I thought that double-posting Wannabe Writers would seem dull. It’ll come. I’m just taking a rain-check.

Happy Sunday! Good luck with your Mondays tomorrow.

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  1. I love character questionnaires, but I don't usually do them since most are kind of oriented for modern times. : Thanks for sharing this, so intriguing! Sounds like there's quite an interesting, though troubled, story to this character.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. Has me very intrigued in regards to the character and the story you tell with her. I wonder though, how much is too much to give away about a story before its been published? I think you've struck a great balance here, but it's a question I've been pondering.

  3. I think it's great that you're doing this too! I've found it very helpful so far.

    I want to know what's going on with Allison. They're some great conflict going on with her character. I love it!

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