Wannabe Writers #13

by Madeleine Rex

This amazing meme, Wannabe Writers,  is hosted by Sarah at Confessions of the Un-Published! The list of participators is growing each week. Join in the fun!

Where I am in the Writing Process: Editing is on the horizon. I can feel its warmth on my neck.

My Current Problems: My mom doesn’t have time to work on the first edit until mid-May. I simply can’t wait that long. I’ve already had almost a month off. I’m actually missing working my bum off. I am officially and hopelessly a  writer – which, let’s be honest, is occasionally synonymous with sadistic. Anyway, my mom and I are going to officially designate a weekend for editing and figure out what the heck I’m going to do between now and then.

Also, I am being driven positively crazy. What do I do when a character and his darned voice will not leave me alone? I really do not want the project attached to said irritatingly persistent character to be my next. I truly believe that Forbidden needs to be my next one. Yet this main character will not leave me alone, and the idea for his story has snagged my interest as well. I am in need of advice here, so please, spill it. Drown me in it.

The Question this Week: What do you give up in order to write?

Well, other than the life of an ordinary teenager, which I never wanted much, I haven’t given up too many things. Just a lot of time. And sanity. I think the more important question would be: What have you gained?

Exactly what I’ve wanted for so long: A finished MS and a gut instinct that I really will publish a book, even if it’s not this one.

I think that nearly everything healthy in life involves giving and taking. We give our time, we finish the book. We sacrifice, and we reap the rewards. The more time and energy we invest in our writing, the more satisfied and proud we will be when we finish a project.

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  1. Editing.. ooo00hh how exciting 🙂 Have fun with it, and don't let yourself feel rushed/pressured in any way. I'm sure it will turn out perfectly.

  2. On the subject of the character who just won't leave you alone:

    Let him talk.

    If he's that compelling, I'd say there's really no reason not to sit down and simply write about him. It needn't be an official project. Write whatever scene or chapter comes to mind, until he settles down and lets you go back to your regularly scheduled programming. (:

    I used to have this problem a lot. I'd want to write about someone, but there would often be a good reason not to–usually that they were based too closely on an actual person (that's always a problem for me), and I'd think, "I probably can't publish this, so what's the point?" But I think the thing to do is let your creativity exercise itself, even if what your creativity wants is not quite what you want. You probably shouldn't significantly restrict it. I know you're pressed for time and you prefer to focus; but heck, you write so much faster than I do that a few scenes likely won't take too much out of your usual projects. Especially now that you have some time on your hands while waiting to start revisions of your book. (:

    Anyway, that's what I'd suggest. (: Clear your head of it, otherwise it'll likely just stay there and bother you. Possibly distract you from your other projects as well.

  3. 1) Read it aloud. This is the best advice I've ever gotten. Even if your mom doesn't have time to help now, you can be reading aloud to yourself and making notes of awkward sentences or inconsistencies. Or read it to her while she cooks dinner… something like that.

    2) "What do I do when a character and his darned voice will not leave me alone? " – bwahahaha 😀 Laughing WITH you, not at you. 😀 Hayes still does this to me. And I'm also putting him on hold for another book. Again. 😉 Make time where you spend an hour just writing that character. Don't look at it as working on that book, it's just getting the MC and their thoughts out of your head. Don't invest too much time, but don't completely ignore either or that character might get silenced longer than you want them to…

    3) "What do you give up in order to write?"- Sleep. Time with friends. Eating healthy. 🙂

  4. The yapping character in your ear can be maintained if you'd schedule his dialogues. At the very least, you'd have something to work on right now before the edits can begin. In addition, you may have the beginning of a future wip that you can build on.

  5. I have to say ditto to what everyone else said. The character that won't leave you alone has a story to tell, so sit down and let him tell it. It may fit in somewhere or turn out to be a whole new book. I like what you said about it's not what we give up but what we gain from the writing experience. Thumbs up.

  6. If I have a story I am burning to get to, I do it. Why wait?

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