Wannabe Writers #14

by Madeleine Rex

Wannabe Writers is a fantastic meme hosted by Sarah at Confessions of the Un-Published. Every week, we give updates on our writing and answer a writing-related question before heading over to get to know the other writers participating. If you want to learn more, click.

Where I am in the Writing Process: I’ve been reading my MS over the last few days, and it’s one of the most surreal experiences. Very enjoyable, yet kind of torturous at the same time. Wouldn’t it be so nice if you could snap your fingers and make it perfect? Anyway, I intend to start working a little bit on The Lemonites (working title), which is crazily exciting. I’m going to plot it a little itty bitty bit. I need to get the main story structure planned. Besides that, however, I probably won’t do much plotting, largely because I don’t want to get too invested in this story quite yet.

My Current Problems: None, that I can think of. I can sense that going back to the 2,000 word/2 hours a day schedule will be difficult. My editing daily goals will be a bit different, of course, but they’ll still eat up my time. I’m so grateful that the summer’s so close. I get out of school (Goodbye, Middle School!) on June 18th. I’ll then be able to multitask more. Forbidden plotting + That Boy in the Shed editing.

The Question this Week: What to do to get myself back into writing? What to do to get myself excited about an old story?

When you’ve “fallen out of love” with a storyline and are looking to rekindle the old flame, I’d force yourself to work with it. Just do it. Sit down and mess with it every day, for a certain amount of time/words. As you work and spend time with the story, ideally you’ll learn to love it again, or at least enjoy its company enough to make it through. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found that you became closer friends with the characters, too.

I’ve never had this problem, precisely. I just work and work and work for a set time/word count. I don’t have to love it for every second. I just get it done. In the end though, and typically when I’m in the middle of my daily writing session, I do love what I’m doing. My finger’s will fly, my eyes won’t leave the screen, and my mind’s focused. Then again, some days, I write hesitantly, constantly looking at the clock or checking the word count. It just depends.

So, trudge on. You’ll make it. By the end of the day, you’ll have written something, and the satisfaction of having done so alone is as sweet as pie… which, at my house, means a lot.

Alright, folks! I’m writing book reviews today. I’m forcing myself to do it, so this week should be better, blogging-wise. Happy Sunday! And good luck over this fresh, new week.

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  1. This is most a stupid question but what does MS mean?

  2. I don't where that "most" came from but is not supposed to be there.

  3. Snap your fingers method…love it!

  4. Great advice–trudge on. I have those days too where everything is a push and those days where my fingers fly. Also, I wish I could just snap and make everything perfect!

  5. I'm taking this advice 🙂
    Too bad that as writers, we can be perfectionists, too, and get caught up in the editing/making it perfect thing and forget that it really is good! We did fall in love with these characters and our story for a reason!

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