Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

by Madeleine Rex

Title: Beautiful Creatures

Author(s): Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

Published: December 1st, 2009 by Little, Brown

Number of Pages: 563

Rating: 4/5


Sixteen moons, sixteen years

Sixteen of your deepest fears

Sixteen times you dreamed my tears

Falling, Falling through the years . . .


This is another book that I had heard so much about before buying it. I entered a multitude of giveaways, but finally succumbed to my excitement and just purchased it on my own (by the way, I also have a ridiculous reason for loving this book: it’s the perfect thickness. I looked at it and thought, Boy, I want to hold that. Lovely). I am pleased to say that it lived up to my expectations.

Beautiful Creatures is a very promising beginning to what is bound to be an extremely popular series, Caster Chronicles. I read this book in approximately two days, and I absolutely inhaled it.

Written from the point of view of Ethan, a teenage boy who is incredibly relatable and likable, the book reels you in immediately with a strong voice that is remarkably easy to sympathize with. I’m always happy to find characters that I can ultimately respect because it’s far easier to root for them. Ethan is the sort of kid I’d like to meet in real life, the sort of kid I would feel added something to my life with their friendship instead of being detrimental.

He lives in the middle of Nowhere-ville in a town where nearly everyone has roots stretching back generations, all the way through the Civil War. It’s immediately evident that nothing much happens in this town. New kids at school are a rarity and often find trouble fitting in.

So it’s not too surprising that the new girl, niece of a man known to be an introvert and pretty darned close to crazy, isn’t quite welcome at Jackson High School. The facts that she dresses like a psycho and wears a necklace strung with junk, draws odd pictures in her notebooks, and seems to have the ability to shatter entire windows ensure that she has no chance of fitting in. Ever.

As a kid who’s excepted and even considered popular, it’s social suicide for Ethan to even hand Lena a pencil. The world seems to be in utter disarray when Ethan finds that he’s inexplicably connected to Lena through dreams with origins that are equally inexplicable. Slowly and not-so-surely, Ethan is drawn into the world of witchcraft, Lena’s world, and fascinated by Lena herself.

This is the first “witch book” I’ve ever read (not counting Harry Potter, because that goes without saying), and I was pleasantly surprised. The witchcraft element is expertly woven into the book, and you discover new facets of that world at a sure pace. You’re only sufficiently overwhelmed, if that makes sense. You’re only astonished enough to be entirely intrigued and anxious to read further.

The plot moved more quickly through the last two thirds of the book, but I felt like it was a genuine page-turner. Every page of the whopping 563 kept the plotline moving along and me squirming toward the edge of my seat.

I loved the characters in this novel. Link was especially wonderful as the best friend/side-kick. Lena was beautifully created, wholly interesting and lovable. And, of course, you have Old Man Ravenwood. He reminds Ethan of Atticus Finch, so I was bound to love him.

The historic, Civil War element beautifully added a unique factor to this novel. I was impressed by the smoothness of the read and consistency of the voice, considering the book was written by two women. This novel was well-written, but it’s the story that stands out as original and incredibly entertaining. This book has and will continue to sweep the nation. I recommend this book to everyone who has found themselves in love with the YA genre, which, despite my earlier assertions to the impossibility of such a thing, has happened to me.

Beautiful Creatures is a magical, unique, and utterly intriguing novel. A remarkably original world of witchery and an irresistible collection of characters make this book a winner.

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  1. I had a lot of nitpicks with this book, but in the end when all was said and done, I thought it was pretty good. It took me like 400 pages to get into it, and that's a huge problem for me xp
    great review 🙂

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