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September 19th, 2011

Anticipating Anything?

by Madeleine Rex


Castle is my healthy obsession. It makes me so happy that I’ve occasionally cried for joy while giggling and clapping my hands. And I like to think that I benefit from it, too (see My 2D and Paper & Ink Families).

But that’s not the point. Well, there’s not really much of a point for this post (blame hours of homework for every lame attempt of mine at blogging), but I want to ask: Is there anything you’re eagerly anticipating? School? A book (whether it’s one you’re waiting for or your own)? A movie? A friend’s visit?

Anticipation is so exciting, isn’t it? Sometimes, it’s so great it’s better than the actual event/occasion itself. Ideally, while we’re reading, the anticipation pays off. The term “page turner” is applied only to books that make the reader feel such a potent feeling of anticipation that they’re almost tearing pages out of the book in their haste to turn them. As a writer, it’s crucial that we can induce anticipation in a reader, no matter what the genre. Can none of us say that we hugely anticipated events in Looking for Alaska just as we did those in The Hunger Games?

No matter what the genre, no matter what the story, that thrilling sense of anticipation is crucial. And then comes doing good on your promise. Being disappointed after anticipating something for weeks/100 pages is like reaching the peak of a roller coaster and then realizing it levels out from there instead of giving you that gut-tingling surge to the ground. Create anticipation, allow the reader to cash in on it, and you’re on your way to being a rip-roaring success.

How do you make a reader feel anticipation? Have you ever been let down after anticipating a major event for a long time? What are you looking forward to now?