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October 16th, 2011

So… Just Kidding About That Post Last Sunday.

by Madeleine Rex

I realize I’m not off to a great start with this whole “posting regularly” thing. However, I’ve returned with some great news!

First, though, is Wordstock. Not that it wasn’t great, but this weekend, I must admit, was much greater. Wordstock was very enjoyable, and I’m always proud of Portlanders when they express their love for books. I could be passing these bookish people on the street and have absolutely no idea! (I’ve just noticed that I’m starting to sound like a fangirl, so perhaps I should move on.)

I’d have to say one of the highlights of the day was an author panel called “Vampires Are So Last Year” with Maggie Stiefvater, Suzanne Young, and Isaac Marion. I cannot sufficiently express how hilarious they were! Not to mention the fact that it’s always interesting to hear authors’ points of view concerning trends (Maggie’s betting on the next big trend being Kraken. Let’s hope she’s right).

Onto the even BIGGER news. I spent Thursday, Friday, and half of yesterday at PNBA – Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Association. They have a conference once a year, and this is the second year I’ve attended. I go with a couple friends of mine (I’m helping them with some techie stuff). It is amazing! I’ve gotten dozens of books to review and promote. You can see a picture of me and my new friends to the right.

Another factor of the conference that’s really enjoyable are the many, many authors that speak. I saw Maggie Stiefvater again (and she was even more hilarious), Christopher Paolini, and a bunch of other authors who were simultaneously witty and prolific. (I can’t even manage to be one of those most of the time.)

While at PNBA on Thursday afternoon, I sat in on a panel titled “Northwest Books for Northwest Readers” and left bursting with excitement to read books written in or set in this region. I have an expanded understanding and appreciation for the literary atmosphere here in the Pacific Northwest and hope to be able to share it with you guys as I review some of these books.

And even if you don’t care about Northwest books (although you should), I have something for else as well: Giveaways! I grabbed multiple copies of a few books that I know people are on the lookout for, such as A Million Suns (Across the Universe #2) and Pandemonium (Delirium #2). Check back here in the near future to enter giveaways!

I am thrilled to have been blessed with the opportunities to attend both of these events and meet fantastic booksellers, authors, and publishers. I can honestly say that I look forward to October more than any other month because of the variety of literary events going on (and my birthday, but that isn’t quite as relevant to you guys). And I can’t wait to review all the books! Stay tuned and happy reading!