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October 27th, 2011

5 Days of Halloween: Movies That Make You Run and Hide

by Madeleine Rex

Please excuse any typos in this post. I’m hastily making time for it – which pretty much means I’m not studying for my AP Government test tomorrow…

Four more days until Halloween!!! Whoooo!

To celebrate, I’m asking you about scary movies. I’ll admit, I don’t have the most experience with them (or much at all), but I do have some weird fascination with the ticklish, squeemish sensation I get in the pit of my stomach when I watch them. Kind of like that feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster and it suddenly drops (although I don’t have much experience with roller coasters either. I’ve mostly just felt that when driving too fast over speed bumps).

I have never seen one of the movies that actually has “scary movie” in the title because I’ve hardly watched any “mock” scary movies. In fact, I can’t think of one good thing I’ve ever heard about them. I don’t even know what I’d do with a movie like that, considering I rate a scary movie based on how often I hide behind my dad…

Anyway, In the past few years, I’ve tried to find as many REAL scary movies as possible, although I have a hard time because I avoid R rated movies. However, I have run across some gems, like The Sixth Sense, Salem’s Lot, and The Ring. I also saw the TV version of Thirty Days of Night, which was so fabulously gory that I hardly noticed its insane length.

A few movies I’ve heard plenty about are Children of the Corn and The Shining, both of which are based on Stephen King’s works, and I’m super excited that my dad found an edited-for-TV version of The Shining and recorded it. On Saturday, my book club girls are coming over to discuss stories from Stephen King’s Night Shift and to watch it.

So, here’s my question for you: Do you prefer real scary movies or “mock” ones (the real question is: do you like to laugh or to cringe)? Which movies were your favorites? And do you think I’ll like The Shining?

P.S. Tomorrow’s my sixteenth birthday, and I have a surprise for you!!