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June 1st, 2013

I Haven’t Died

by Madeleine Rex

Hello from the great beyond!

“The great beyond” being beneath the heaping pile of schoolwork that I’ve been under for the last couple of years. Yesterday, May 31st, was my last day of high school. Shoving four years of school into three, taking AP classes, and participating in my community theatre group – it’s been two years of “Well, at least I got five hours of sleep last night…”

This has meant putting many of the things I love on standby. I haven’t read more than a book a month (if that) in almost a year. Unless you count school-required reading, but I doubt you want a review of my AP US History textbook. Of course, this blog relies on a robust reading habit, and I’ve been starved of fun books for so long. My hope is that I can get the most out of this summer and spend as much time as possible reading.

And writing. Yes, writing. I’m afraid I’ve almost forgotten how to write fiction. My goal is to revitalize my imagination, my writing, and my blog. To those of you who haven’t entirely forgotten about this little blog of mine, I hope you’ll give it a second chance and help me pull it out of the gutter and get my online presence back on its feet. And the best way to do that is simply to read some of my nonsense here.

My first step toward a healthy literary diet is a bookish job – I’ve just been hired as a seasonal bookseller at Barnes and Noble. I’m so thrilled (and amazingly fortunate) to have this opportunity, and I’m determined to take advantage of it! I also have some reviews on file to help me get Wordbird up and running again.

So, I guess I’m saying: Welcome back to Wordbird!

December 29th, 2011

A Very New Year (Urgent News! Please Read!)

by Madeleine Rex

I am so sincerely sorry. I really am. School this year has has forced me to give up plenty of the things I love to do – reading, writing, and blogging being only three of them. Last week, after considering what’s been going on lately, I told my dad that I thought it might be a good idea to quit the blog (while in tears). Not necessarily because I want to. In fact, not at all because I want to, but because a majority of the time, it just sits here, rotting and making me feel guilty.

He was pretty dang adamant when he said no.

The next morning, the first thing he told me after “Good morning” was that he had an idea. He proposed that I fix the crappy mess that is the last giveaway I attempted, and then take a new direction toward blogging.

It’s evident that I don’t have the time (or sanity) required to keep up with this blog as I’d like to. Not only do I not review books much anymore, but I hardly ever read them (yes, I said it). My dad came up with an alternative.

I’m opening up Wordbird to anyone who’s willing to lend it (and me) a hand. It would pretty much be a guest post opportunity for anything book related: reviews, posts on reading or writing, announcements about movie adaptations, anything. The goal would be a three guest posts a month, plus one that I would write on my own. If you’d like to write a guest post, click the “Help Needed” page above.

I know this is a lot to ask, but the horror of giving up Wordbird is only equaled by feeling guilty about it for the next six months. I need help.

I’ll admit I’m really worried this won’t get any response. If anyone’s still reading this, you are fantastically loyal readers and friends. Thank you.

And you definitely deserve a decent giveaway! I’m reopening the giveaway of Miranda’s Catching Jordan until January 6th, and am also going to direct you to the Ask Henry post, which will now be open for questions until January 6th as well. Please, whether you are willing to submit something to Wordbird or not, please take advantage of these great opportunities to spend time with Miranda’s characters!

Again, I want to say that I’m sorry. I hate that I’ve had to give up some of the most wonderful things in my life, but I’m hoping that the sacrifices I’m making now will make my future even better. Thank you so much for sticking with me, and I will heartily appreciate any help you can give to my blog.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share books with you guys. Have a great New Year!

September 5th, 2011

Business in a Personal World

by Madeleine Rex

There will be debates over what is or isn’t professional till the end of time, no matter what industry you’re dealing with. The book industry just happens to deal very closely with people’s heart-strings.

I can’t blame an author for feeling upset if they read a negative or critical review of their book. It’s not easy to take criticism, particularly when it comes from a stranger or – even worse – a kid reviewer. I can easily imagine the stream of thoughts that might run through their head: What right does she have to criticize me? She doesn’t know what I was trying to do with that scene. How could she?! She’s a kid! (She is not me. There was a 50/50 option.)

Though it’s reasonable to feel upset, it’s totally inappropriate to voice your opinion or complain to the interwebz while upset. People have ended up in loads of trouble and up to their eyeballs in humiliation. Alex at Electrifying Reviews just posted a letter an author sent him after he wrote a less-than-bubbly review of their book. It’s so terrible it’s almost amusing.

There’s a shady balance between being yourself and exposing yourself. So much of the book industry functions online. This is where readers, writers, authors, publishers, agents, etc. chat and voice opinions. Sure, it’s fun, but let’s never forget that this is an industry – a business – and businesses only run smoothly when people are courteous and mature.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid this sort of drama. I haven’t had any angry authors emailing me, threatening retribution. However, it’s only a matter of time. We bookish folk are an emotional and loud people, after all.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an awkward situation like this? How did you deal with it? More importantly: How do you deal with your own feelings online?