Provo is Bleepin’ Awesome

by Madeleine Rex

I know I’ve been about as attentive to my blog as I am to my brother’s Military Channel shows, and for that I apologize. I was in Utah visiting family for the first time in years, so there was a profuse amount of talking. And eating. We Rexes are better eaters than talkers, but we’re best when we combine the two.

Anyway, it just so happened that I was visiting the precise week that Kiersten White was! She had a signing at the Provo City Library (which is just so phenomenal it’s mind-boggling. If I end up going to college in Utah, I’ll spend more time in that library than my dorm room). I was fortunate enough to get a last-minute ticket to her signing on Tuesday the 2nd.

My mind’s still reeling. I just met Kiersten White! And she’s so fantabulistical (yes, she’s so awesome that a new word was in order), guys. Really.

Her little rants were hilarious, and she managed to be just as funny while answering questions thoughtfully. I was impressed by how many questions were related to publishing and writing. I’d never been to a signing that seemed so dense with writers. It was wonderful to be in the same room with dozens of people who, like me, live, breath, and devour books!

Kiersten and I have corresponded before, and I’d let her know I was coming. Still, it was wonderful to introduce myself at the actual signing table and know she knew me. How exciting is that?! She was super sweet and bubbly and signed my and my cousin’s books with cute personal messages. I was oozing happiness the rest of the day, and my family laughed at me when I got back to my grandma’s.

I encourage you all to grasp any chance you have to meet Kiersten. As I said: she’s fantabulistical!

But if you don’t have a chance, I have good news for you!

While Kierten was setting up the signing table, the library gave away five paperback copies of Paranormalcy (they had handed out raffle tickets at the door). And… I got one! And because I already have two copies of Paranormalcy, I thought I’d give it away.

Even better news? It’s signed. It says To a Wordbird, followed by Kiersten’s signature.

To enter this giveaway, post a comment here by September 10th and include explain why you are a wordbird!

(Sorry, but this giveaway is NOT International. Another time, I promise!)

12 Commentsto “Provo is Bleepin’ Awesome”

  1. I am a word bird! Why? Well, I enjoy putting words on paper (I'm a writer). I read. . .A LOT. I love book signings! Annnddd I stalk authors on Twitter. XD I tweet my fav authors regularly. I also have three books signed, five signed bookmarks, and a signed pin. I also have my own blog and I love Nanowrimo. That's why I'm a word bird.

  2. I am a Wordbird because I love reading words but mostly words that are in Young Adults novels like Paranormalcy! Thanks for the giveaway. I have been wanting to read this since forever!

  3. I'm a word bird, because I am addicted to words. I can't stop reading!

    Would love to win this, like would crazy love to!!
    Thanks for hosting this!


  4. I love Kierstin White's series! It is because of authors like her and Amanda Hocking that I am a wordbird! Reading books and blogs about books allow me a portal into another world with people I'm going to love and dislike but they tend to be anything but normal, like me 🙂

  5. I'm a wordbird because I read books as quickly as a hummingbird flies from flower to flower! I'd like to think that I use my gifts to help spread the word about awesome books and authors. 🙂 Thanks for the contest!


  6. Your blog is seriously adorable :]

    Anyway. I’d say I’m a word bird because I can’t get enough of words. I once started reading the whole dictionary for fun (I didn’t make it very far, there were much too many other good books around.) Some of my current favorite words are cacophony and enigma. They are quite fun to say :]

  7. Your blog is adorable!
    I love reading and all things words. My current favorite word is cacophony :]

  8. fantabulistical

    i'm totally gonna plagiarize this word, yo 😛

    anyway, eeeek, it must've been so awesome! i've got a huuuge author-crush on kiersten white, and can't wait to meet her someday!

    anyway, thanks for the giveaway! i'd love to own a copy of the book! 🙂

  9. I am definitely a wordbird! I love reading and writing and words just in general. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  10. Wordbird….sweet background! I guess I'm a new "wordbird" by 2 yrs. because I not only carry books in my purse, but bring them out even during the grocery line. "Yes, I'd like this t-bone steak, carton of eggs, veggies, and large container of cookie dough"! Words are good for the brain. Even if they only involve a good wise short saying to think about and make your day.


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