Series: There are MORE?

by Madeleine Rex

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about series. Are they bothersome? Irritating? God-sent volumes that extend the time we get to spend with some beloved characters? Or, in Harry Potter’s case, an opportunity to fantasize that we can fly on broomsticks and talk to paintings?

For me, my feelings concerning series depend on the specific series. For example: Can you imagine if there was no more than one Hunger Games book? I would have wandered aimlessly for days, stuck in a depression. There are other books, though, that leave me with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, and I don’t feel the need for something more. Very occasionally, there are book so drab that I’m relieved there isn’t a sequel!

I never avoid series, as I know some people do. You are signing yourself up for a journey that could last as long as a decade, and occasionally longer. Nowadays, most young adult series are three books long, and an author will release a book every year. However, there’s no knowing for certain how long you’ll be invested when you begin a new series.

Still, the pros outweight the cons, in my opinion. I love that I have the opportunity to revisit the characters, places, and worlds that I adore. Not to mention the fun of snuggling up with a familiar and favorite author’s prose. I’ve felt some of the most exciting anticipation of my life while waiting for another installment in a series. I’ve gone to three midnight release parties and read through the night and into the next day in order to know what happens next.

Series have their place in the world, as do stand-alone books. Some books, like John Green’s Looking for Alaska, are entirely complete on their own.

What do you think of series? Are the overrated? Too long? Do the endless cliffhangers get on your nerves? Or do you, like me, take advantage of the opportunity to reunite with beloved characters?

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  1. I enjoy kids series. Like I adore the Baby-Sitters Club, and don’t mind that there’s over 200. MG series, I can read several books and not get annoyed. Same with YA..sometimes. I can read a great book and really get into it, and then sometimes I miss the sequel, and I have to re-introduce myself to that world. Now for adult series.. I have a very low tolerance.

    This was a a great topic!

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