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Welcome to Wordbird! (My nickname being Birdie.) This blog will contain myriad things all centered around one topic. This topic is one that means the world to me, one that sends shivers scuttling down my spine, one that causes such excitement in me that I find myself smiling ridiculously, and, occasionally, crying when it’s mentioned in a particular light…


Writing with the words I love. Writing because I hardly enjoy anything more.

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  1. Well, here I am. (This is the right place, right? Lol!) I thought I would never find this! Congrats on the blog, Birdie, and I assure you I'm bookmarking this. 😀

  2. Oh my goodness!!! Yay I found it!! haha. I'm crazy excited I found this. I wasn't sure this was yours or not, but then I saw Quimby and that would just be too odd if you knew named Quimby and you weren't Birdie. I'm bookmarking this, Birdie, so now you have another ND stalker/viewer. LOL!
    I never imagined your name was Madeleine (not that I think that's a weird name or anything). My sister's is too, haha. Sorry for this random info. I've been known to talk a tad too much at times ;).

    I shall be back!
    (Ok, that a little creepy sounding. Sorry 'bout that)


    • It's surprisingly easy to send codes through HeR! Haha! Did you see my little secret message in my ae reply, or was it simply fabulous luck? I'm glad you found this!

      Haha, that's funny! I know a couple of Madeleines myself. Thanks for stopping by and reading, Pokey!

      EDIT: I saw your reply to my ae. I'm glad you decoded my gibberish!♥

      • I'm glad that I can babble on here to you where 'chatting' is allowed. It's nice not to have such strict, but essential for that website, rules. Geeze that was fast! haha. I read your writings on here. You are extremely talented. Your writing, as I think a good word to discribe it, is sophisticated. It's proper, but not boring. Whenever I attempt at writing (which I love), I always start out formal, but it's BORING! There's a fine line between formal and boring, and I keep on swizzling on it. It's just something I need to work on, I guess.
        I'm so excited I found this! Haha I kept on searching Birdie on google, but it got me nowhere haha.
        I bet it's nice to not have such strict guidelines as you do on AEs, huh? Not having to write about Nancy.
        Bravo, Birdie!


  3. Your webpage is quite astounding, for having only made it last month! I see you are working hard on it, and I can't wait to see it when it is blooming with stories and bursting with comments! I will check in again, for sure.

    –Your Psychopathetic Friend

  4. Hey Birdie! Nice website you have! 🙂 I like your book reveiws; they are certainly helpful on which book I should read next. 🙂 Good job! [I wish my website was half as successful!] 😛

  5. Wow, I just stumbled onto this. Very nice site! I’ll be sure to drop by often in the future 🙂

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