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May 21st, 2011

Fictional Characters I’d Name My Daughter After

by Madeleine Rex

Isn’t this a fantastic topic? I’ve robbed it from Audrey. I have definitely spent time contemplating this. After all, I’m a girl – it’s natural to daydream about baby names. Even more importantly, I’m a reader – so it’s natural to adore fictional characters to the point of ridiculousness. Hence, this post.

Fictional Characters I’d Name My Daughter After:

Anne Shirley from the Anne of Green Gables series. I actually plan on naming a girl after her. I absolutely love everything about her and love everything about the series and love everything about the people and have I mentioned I love her? See? I adore her to the point that I’ll throw punctuation and sentence structure right out the window. This is serious stuff.

Macy from The Truth About Forever. If I were being more literal here, all the names would be from books written in the 1800s. I love the old-fashioned ones. However, Macy is one of the more modern names that I really like. It’s unique and has a short-and-sweet quality to it that appeals to me. Plus, The Truth About Forever is an irresistible book.

Another name I absolutely want to use for a child someday! It’s short for Caroline, and I first came across it when attempting to read Shirley by Charlotte Bronte. I’ve loved the two other books I’ve read of Charlotte’s, but I couldn’t seem to get through this one. All the same, great and unusual name!

Margo from Paper Towns by John Green. Need I say more? Isn’t the name “John Green” synonymous with “never-ending amounts of awesomeness” by now? What? No? That’s not in your thesaurus? Well, they’re synonymous in my scrambled brain, and Margo is awesome by association. Plus, it’s a neat name.

Astrid, the wild flapper from Bright Young Things. There’s also a girl named Astrid on one of my favorite TV shows, “Fringe,” and they’re both inspiring, entertaining, and absolutely lovable.

Honorable Mentions (the following are great characters but have names I’m not crazy about): Andi (Revolution), Alex (Revolution), Rhine (Wither), Francesca (Saving Francesca), Frankie (The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks), and Mia (If I Stay/Where She Went).

I would certainly read any posts similar to this one, should any of you decide to write one! If you do, let me know in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Happy Apocalypse!

December 31st, 2009

My "Book" and Its Hearts

by Madeleine Rex

Yes, I know, where have the book reviews been? They’re coming, I promise. You just have to wait while I muster up the energy to sit down, skim over a book I read two months ago, and write a review. It’s a wearing process, people, I tell you. No, honestly, I really just need to stop being lazy.

As it’s winter break, I’ve quit my two hours, four days a week writing schedule until January 4th (which is threateningly close), at which time I will resume. I do have a somewhat legit explanation for my lack of blogger-ness: I’ve been working my butt off. I decided at the beginning of December that I would tackle the rest of the plotting process – literally charge at it head-on. I wanted to give my parents the first few pages of my “book” as a Christmas gift. That meant plotting nearly the entire thing in about twenty days. I’d already “taken notes from my head”, as in listed all the scenes, but I still needed to fill them out a bit and give them some detail. I created a tight schedule for myself, and, on December 17th, I finished the darned plotting. I went to school the next day, happy as a clam (happier, I’d imagine), and told my dear, sweet, typically amiable cousin the good news. That evening, I hastily completed the first two pages of the “book” just before my mom and I headed out on our Mom & Daughter Weekend (which was a blast).

Ta-da! I was thrilled, and completed the next few pages before Christmas.

So, obviously, I will not be planning to write from here on out. Beginning January 4th, I really will be writing. You know, the joyous, glorious, preposterously enlightening (and other dramatic adjectives) thing we do with words. I had no idea, however, how totally freaked out I’d be when I wrote. Maybe it’s because I’m just beginning, and I hope so, but I can’t seem to shut up the voice in my head that’s hollering, “You cannot screw this up! You’ve worked too hard!” It’s still a wondrous feeling to know in the back of my head that everything’s planned and that I just need to manage to apply words to the action, but I’m incredibly worried that I won’t be able to apply the right words. I’ve never thrown so much heart into a writing project, and although I’m sure that fact has helped my determination/diligence/self-discipline, I’m frightened that my “book” soufflé will fall flat… which would certainly leave me heartbroken for a while.

On a happier note, my mom liked what we call “My Pages”, I’m happy with the Prologue at least, a friend of mine is doing well with her novel, and I’ve just ordered The Blythes are Quoted, which is virtually the ninth Anne of Green Gables book. I’ll leave a rapturous post sometime soon on that subject. [I’m greatly surprised I haven’t made my Anne love evident quite yet. In time, you will find that I am hopelessly enthralled in her world, and that I intend to strive to be like her. Anne and I are kindred spirits. (Here I deleted a few loving remarks that would bore you to death.)] Oh, and by the way, I got a second impression of Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery on December 19th (up and left), also to be commented on later.

Anyway, back to my “book”, the real subject of this post.

I think the plot of my “book” (I can’t make myself dispose of the quotation marks) can be summed up by five things. That Boy in the Shed is about…

1) A girl named Allison and a boy named Mark.

2) Battling life and “losing” to life.

3) A dead young woman on the swing in her backyard.

4) Family.

5) A friendship that makes the members of said friendship work – really work.

I’m happy with my list. I think a book” needs a few hearts – because don’t we feel like we have a million hearts? Honestly, I need hearts for every person in my family – my brother, my mother, my father, and my extended family. I need hearts for my “bestest” friends. I need hearts for all the fictional characters I’ve become best friends with (and about twenty million for the dear Blythe family and the residents of Avonlea, etc. Not to mention the infinite number needed to contain my love for Anne – No, I’m not crazy. There are real people I love more!). We all need more hearts than we can get, and books are like us – except the authors have the power to give them as many hearts as they yearn for. My “book” needs five hearts, and they’re listed above. Those are what make my “book” run and breath and be.

If I have any readers who write as well (if any readers at all), I’d love to know what the hearts of their books are. Heck, if there are any readers who read, I’d love to know what they believe are the hearts of the books they’re currently reading.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you all happiness and good-fortune in 2010! (Holy cow… we’re a decade in already.)